It’s in our Control to end Coercive Control

May marks Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month. A time to reflect on the impact of domestic violence and take action to prevent it in our community. This year's theme, "It's in our control to end coercive control," reminds us that we all have a role to play in ending the cycle of domestic violence.

Coercive control is a pattern of behaviour used by an abuser to dominate and control their partner. It can take many forms, including isolation, financial abuse, emotional abuse, and intimidation. This insidious form of abuse often goes unnoticed for years, leaving victims helpless.

As a community, we are responsible for recognising the warning signs of coercive control and taking action to prevent it. This includes educating ourselves about the dynamics of abusive relationships, challenging toxic attitudes that enable domestic violence, and supporting victims to access the help and support they need to leave abusive relationships.

One of the most significant steps we can take is to raise awareness of the issue and break the silence that often surrounds domestic violence. This includes encouraging open and respectful communication about healthy relationships and consent andsupporting survivors to share their stories and speak out against domestic violence.

Another crucial step is to provide victims with access to the resources and services they need to heal and recover. This includes safe accommodation, counselling services, and legal support. It is also essential to address the root causes of domestic violence, such as gender inequality and toxic masculinity, and promote healthy relationships based on respect and equality.

This May, let us unite as a community to prevent domestic violence and support those who have experienced it. By standing up against coercive control and promoting healthy relationships, we can create a society where everyone can live without fear of violence and abuse.

Many resources are available locally in Bundaberg for those affected by domestic violence, including helplines, counselling services, and support groups. Suppose you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence. In that case, it is essential to reach out for help and support by contacting the following services: Edon Place - 4153 6820, Phoenix House – 4153 4299, DV Connect Womensline -1800 811 811, DV Connect Mensline - 1800 600 636, Kids Helpline - 1800 551 800, Policelink - 131 444.

It’s in our Control to end Coercive Control

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